Glass & Bottle Bistro welcomes new chef, fall menu

Glass & Bottle Bistro on Snoqualmie Ridge welcomed a new chef in October and has introduced a new fall menu. Chef Joe Polizzo along with new owners Good Libation, LLC, have completely revamped the restaurant’s menu with new options, some gluten-free, for every course.

“Glass & Bottle’s new menu gave me and the owners the opportunity to include new culinary-forward items that offer our guests of all ages an approachable, modern take on American cuisine,” said chef Polizzo, who previously spent 14 years at McCormick’s and Schmick’s.

“As a Snoqualmie Ridge resident myself, I was thrilled at the opportunity to join Glass & Bottle and help make it one of the go-to destinations in our community.”

In August 2016, Good Libations took over ownership of Glass & Bottle, transforming the wine bar into a a family-friendly American bistro.

“Snoqualmie Ridge is such an exciting place to be right now and the community has been incredibly welcoming to us,” said Tawni Christiansen, general manager.

The restaurant also has several special events coming up, including live music performances on Saturday, Nov. 12, featuring Ethan Jennings, and Saturday, Nov 26, featuring the Max Cannella Jazz Trio.

Glass & Bottle is open Monday-Saturday, located at 7819 Center Blvd. S.E. Snoqualmie. Call (425) 888-9463 for reservations, or visit