Personal integrity and public service make up MacLean’s character | Letter

I have been a resident of North Bend for 30 years, am an educator at Snoqualmie Elementary School, my children graduated from Mount Si Nigh School, and on Nov. 7 , I will be voting for Tavish MacLean for school board. I have had the pleasure of teaching all three of his sons, and as a result, became aware of Tavish’s deep and honest commitment to the children of our Valley, years before he considered becoming a school board member.

It’s not difficult to learn about Tavish’s record. His views are easily obtainable on his website. Among other issues, I deeply appreciate his commitment to the Running Start program; our child transferred 33 credits to the University of Michigan this fall, a savings of over $40,000.

Tavish is an excellent listener, he seeks information from all points of view, and he speaks his mind.

His website doesn’t include, however, “behind the scenes” behavior, and I’d like to share an observation that in my mind, speaks volumes. I’ve attended many events at SES over the years, winter bazaars, concerts, PTSA family nights, and at the end of the day, when most people start heading for the parking lot, Tavish has always been the guy taking the trash out to the dumpster, and sweeping the floors.

If good character is demonstrated by how one behaves when no one is looking, Tavish MacLean is the embodiment of public service and personal integrity.

Cynthia Hodgins

North Bend

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