Middle School Sports

A look at sporting news from the Valley's Middle Schools

Eagles secure win over CKMS

The seventh-grade Snoqualmie Middle School junior-varsity basketball team beat Chief Kanim for the first time this year 32-25. The Eagles led for the entire game, despite a close score. Zach Soloman scored 14 points and had great rebounding. Beau Davis also played well.

Hawks defeat Bulldogs

The Chief Kanim seventh-grade varsity boys’ basketball team defeated Beaver Lake last Tuesday 58-40. The Hawks were only up by three points at half-time, but used an aggressive defense and effective running game to pull away from the Bulldogs. Ryan Reilly was the star of the game with 20 points and four assists. Tylor Littlejohn followed with 13 points and 12 rebounds, and Nick Dietsch scored 10 points and had four rebounds.

The rest of the team also demonstrated great teamwork. Dane Portscheller had 10 rebounds and five points, Corey Lindberg pulled down five rebounds and sank in three points, Gregg Beckmann had two steals and six points, Stu Trombley had five assists and four steals and Timmy Coleman had three rebounds.