Micro Magic Machines Levitation Speaker Review – Legit Magnetic CosmoCraft Suspension?

If you’re looking for new speakers for your home, consider these levitating UFO speakers from Micro Magic Machines. This company designs and manufactures innovative electronics, and this speaker is the latest addition to their catalog and a must-have for anyone looking for a new speaker system.

Founded in 2023, Micro Magic Machines wants to make its cutting-edge technology available to everyone at an affordable price. Turn your house into a smart home, and check out these amazing levitating speakers. They’re the ultimate novelty and the perfect gift for the holidays.

Introducing the Micro Magic Machines Levitation UFO Speaker

Are you looking for a unique speaker setup for your home? The Micro Magic Machines Levitation UFO Speaker offers an intriguing speaker that looks like a flying saucer. This UFO speaker features powerful operation, with a rounded sound ideal for listening to music or watching movies.

When activated, the speaker turns 360 degrees, giving an eerie floating effect that will mesmerize your guests. You can daisy chain these speakers together, creating a surround-sound effect for the room when watching movies.

The speaker lights up when activated, creating a low blue glow that doesn’t interfere with the room’s ambiance.

Why bother with boring traditional speakers? Treat yourself to something special, and order these UFO floating speakers today.

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How Does the UFO Speaker Levitate?

So, how does this speaker pull off its feat of levitation? Is it magic? No, it’s science! This UFO speaker works off the scientific principle of “magnetic suspension.” This rule lets objects levitate, provided they follow the laws of physics.

Seeing the UFO speaker floating above the charging pad without hanging on wires is enough to freak out anyone. Kids find it amazing, and they’ll stare at the speaker for hours, trying to understand how it manages to float.

The UFO speaker utilizes magnetic suspension technology to float above the charging pad and receive energy for operation. This wireless device doesn’t require you to plug in the UFO. All you do is plug in the base, which powers the speaker and creates the levitating effect.

The electromagnetic operation allows for wireless, seamless connectivity through Bluetooth 5.0. Stream your favorite music and watch movies with a fantastic surround sound experience without cables cluttering the room.

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Micro Magic Machines Levitation UFO Speaker – Performance & Features

The Magic Micro Machines CosmoCraft UFO speaker offers 360° surround sound for any room. This compact but powerful speaker features a design with built-in 5-watt drivers for a complete stereo sound experience. The speaker levitates and spins 360°, creating an immersive listening experience to enhance entertainment like music and movies.

The spinning motion of the CosmoCraft UFO speaker doesn’t affect its performance. Considering its small size, you get exceptional clarity and decent bass from the speaker. Daisy chaining multiple UFO speakers creates an amazing holistic speaker experience that capitates the senses.

The speaker connects to your device, laptop, or PC using Bluetooth 5.0. You get a fast and easy setup, connecting to the speaker in seconds from an Android or iOS device. A 33-foot wireless connection range lets you set up these speakers in the largest rooms.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up the Micro Magic Machines Levitation UFO Speaker

Step #1 – Place the magnetic base on a surface in the room, preferably on a non-metallic surface. Connect the power supply to the outlet and the base. If the surface isn’t flat, it affects the performance and levitation of the UFO speaker.

Step #2 – Holding the speaker with two hands, place it over the magnetic base.

Step #3 – Place the UFO speaker around 5 inches above the base, and you’ll feel the magnetic field support it. Move the levitating speaker backward, forward, left, and right to find the optimal levitation point for a stable float.

Step #4 – When you feel the magnetic field adequately supports the UFO, let go and watch it float.

Micro Magic Machines Levitation UFO Speaker Pricing – Order Bundle Deals & Save!

Get a levitating UFO speaker for your home today! Micro Magic Machines offers a special promotional discount on the UFO speaker when you order bundle deals. These speakers also make the perfect gift for birthdays and holidays. Order your bundle deal today and benefit from the following special pricing.

  • Order one Levitating UFO speaker for $150.00 + Free Shipping
  • Order two Levitating UFO speakers and pay $134 each + Free Shipping
  • Order three Levitating UFO speakers and pay $120 each + Free Shipping
  • Order five Levitating UFO speakers and pay $110 each + Free Shipping
  • Micro Magic Machines Levitation Speaker

With this special pricing and free shipping, you can set up your own galactic fleet of levitating UFO speakers in your room! Your friends will love the novelty, and you’ll love the performance and utility of these high-quality speakers; once ordered, customers should receive their purchase within 4 – 6 days.

Micro Magic Machines is so confident you’ll love these levitating UFO speakers that it will guarantee your purchase for 60 days and pay for return shipping. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, return your speakers in their original packing for a full refund once you contact the creators at:

  • micromagicmachines.com/contact/
  • Return address: 19655 E 35th Drive. Suite 100 Aurora, CO 80011

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Micro Magic Machines Levitation UFO Speaker Review – FAQ

Q: Is the electromagnetic energy from the Levitation Speaker safe?

A: Yes. There are thousands of studies on the effects of electromagnetic energy on the human body and brain. To date, science says it’s safe to be around electromagnetic energy, provided it’s in a low power capacity. The energy the levitating speaker uses is minimal and doesn’t cause any health issues, even with multiple devices daisy-chained in the same room.

Q: Is the Levitation Speaker compatible with iOS and Android devices?

A: Yes! The Micro Magic Machines Levitation Speaker is compatible with all Bluetooth devices. It works with all Apple and Android mobile devices, Bluetooth-enabled PCs, and laptops.

Q: Will the speaker levitate if I don’t plug in the receiver base?

A: No. When the power to the base unit stops, it breaks the electromagnetic circuit supporting the speaker. The speaker won’t float or function until you turn it on.


The spinning motion of the CosmoCraft UFO speaker offers its users an exciting way to listen to movies and music. The Levitation Speaker can float mid-air above its base while rotating simultaneously.

It runs via BlueTooth technology and can be used with IOS and Android devices. Order yours today!


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