Final Famine Reviews – Real Food Shortage Emergency Food Supply Preparation Guide by Teddy Daniels?

Final Famine is a guide to help consumers survive nutritionally during a catastrophic disaster. This guide helps consumers improve their knowledge to be healthy and thrive through the worst times. According to this guide, there’s a lot to prepare for, however, consumers have a unique opportunity to be ready.

What is Final Famine?

In Final Famine: How To Keep Your Family Fat and Happy While The World Starves, consumers get everything they need to know from author Teddy Daniels. Teddy is a former police officer and a retired Army veteran, and he’s based this entire program on the way that he believes that China will soon attack the United States. He states that they have an EMP weapon that will instantly knock out electronics and communication devices. To support these claims, Teddy warns that China’s farmland purchase in the United States will allow them to take advantage when they are truly ready.

How much of a threat does the average person believe they are under? If some of the news reports are to be believed, there’s a chance that China could attack the United States at any time. With all of the intelligence the government has on these future attacks, more people should worry about how prepared they are for the future.

Consumers who want to protect their families will learn what they need with Final Famine. This guide shows users the process for developing a home gardening system. It helps users protect their families from threats while preparing for a potential famine. While it is difficult to prepare for the unexpected, this entire guide is written to be exactly this form of support.

While users read this guide, they will quickly learn how to prepare and create a gardening system and what to do to feed their family. Teddy reveals what consumers have to look out for. Plus, since all the content is available digitally, users access it almost immediately after purchasing.

As Teddy’s guide explains, this potential attack combines the work of Joe Biden, Bill Gates, spies, and other politicians. The guide’s creator says that the Chinese Communist Party is involved. Even though there are many roadblocks the Chinese government has come up against to purchase American farmland, they are making purchases through shell corporations making attacks on food shortages more likely.

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What is an EMP?

To understand what makes this program so important, consumers must learn what an EMP is. After all, much of this product is based on the intelligence that Teddy allegedly uncovered, finding that China could soon send a bomb to the entire United States using an EMP weapon. If this weapon detonates, all electronic equipment immediately is knocked out. That means computers, phones, and even power plants cannot function. To make matters worse, communications across multiple military bases cannot occur, putting the country at risk.

Consumers might be surprised that China wouldn’t need many EMPs to obliterate electronics nationwide completely. Instead, just one would be powerful enough to wipe everything out. With a 1.4 megaton bomb about 250 miles over Kansas, the Washington State Department of Health states that the continental United States would lose power except on protected devices.

What Makes Final Famine Effective?

Final Famine was created to help consumers plan for and protect themselves against unexpected events. More specifically, Teddy wants to help the public to protect themselves from a China-caused famine.

As consumers go through this guide, they’ll learn important lessons that prepare them for a future that could come in a week, a month, or a few years. With a single attack against the electrical grid that the country runs on, the entire United States would deal with chaos and famine like they’ve never seen. Teddy explains that everyone needs to be prepared with no certain plan of when the attack may happen. That’s why the guide includes information like:

  • How the Chinese government manages to buy farmland on American soil.
  • How to create a home gardening system that works outside in a garden or a darkened closet.
  • Ways to prepare for an EMP attack by the Chinese government.
  • The three foods that won’t be affordable to the average consumer with this type of attack.
  • Shared qualities of every famine and how consumers can use it as a natural leader.
  • Hydration methods for any emergency.
  • Ways to secure unlimited water with nothing more than a garden hose and a bucket.
  • Establishing a consistent water supply system.
  • Feeding a family nutritious and plentiful food during a famine, even with nothing to buy.
  • What makes it possible to stay out of welfare during a crisis?
  • Users can reduce how much money they spend on food before a famine.
  • How to get through a famine that lasts 6+ months without suffering.
  • Creating a defense system that works for any household, even without firearm experience.
  • Protecting food supplies without neighbors knowing that the user thrives during the famine.
  • Growing more food than conventional gardening allows.

No matter how little space someone has in their home, they can still plant a garden, and this guide offers consumers support to be successful.

Purchasing Final Famine

Consumers can purchase Final Famine on the official website. Since everything is digital, consumers will be able to start reading the content right away. To purchase, make a one-time payment of $67.00, allowing users to access the Final Famine content and the Red Dragon Report bonus.

About the Red Dragon Report and Other Bonuses

Any Final Famine purchase allows consumers access to The Red Dragon Report. This report is free with the order, and the creators initially were going to offer the main report for free as well. While Teddy cannot provide full access to Final Famine at no cost, consumers who purchase it will get the report for nothing extra.

Consumers who order Final Famine get access to two other bonuses, starting with Survival Seed Vault. Valued at over $39, this package allows users access to a package of seeds to start their emergency garden. The heirloom seeds were produced in America, allowing consumers to continue to replant the resulting seeds from their produce. Even if the food supply for Americans ceased to exist, they would not go hungry with these seeds.

The second bonus is the Famine Bug Out Bag, worth over $179. In this bag, consumers get access to over 60 different products that help them in times of survival. The bag includes 2400-calorie ration bars. It also includes drinking water pouches, essentials for the first aid kid, a motion-activated light, and a commando saw. It also offers a pouch that instantly allows the user to create a fire with a camping stove and other tools that make surviving a way to thrive.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Final Famine

Q. Who is Ted Daniels?

A. Ted Daniels used to work in the Army and was previously a police officer. He became a well-known name in the industry because of his body cam footage, showing him fighting in Afghanistan against the Taliban. It has allowed him to write survival guides, launch emergency food supplies, and create other products. He also allegedly has access to intelligence that proves a collaboration between spies for the American government and China, using his guide to help people prepare.

Q. What bonuses are included with the purchase?

A. When consumers order Final Famine, they will also get access to a guide called the Red Dragon Report, a bag of seeds called the Survival Seed Vault, and a bag of survival supplies called the Famine Burn Out Bag.

Q. What is the refund policy for this program?

A. Every purchase has the backing of a money-back guarantee, ensuring that users will get a refund if they don’t get the desired benefits within 60 days of the original purchase. To reach the customer service team:

  • Call: 1-844-842-9791
  • Email: support@finalfamine.com.


Final Famine provides consumers the tools to survive, thrive, and progress through any long-term famine. This food survival program works for anyone, regardless of any survival skills that they start with. Even if someone has never prepared an emergency kit or gardening, they can succeed with Final Famine.

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