Young Marine’s poem

Letter to the Editor

My son is currently a proud U.S. Marine in military police training. After enduring rigorous training, both physical and mental, throughout the past five months, he has had time to think and reflect on issues not usually important to an 18-year-old. During this time he has had some brief periods where he watches the news. The portion of the news that disgusts him the most are the clips of the Americans protesting the war.

So for all true Americans, I share with you a poem Brian wrote:

A note to the protesters

I see you on the news, protesting the war

Just remember …

The freedom you have is what I’m fighting for

I hear you all screaming at the top of your lungs

Just remember …

Those men that died for you; so innocent, so young

I know you all do not support what we are assigned to do

Just remember …

The USS Cole, World Trade Center and Pentagon, just to name a few

My mom drives to work and sees you shaking a sign

Just remember …

You don’t have a son in the service, so don’t moan and whine

And when you go to sleep tonight,

Just remember …

You’re not the one who has to fight

Obviously in freedom you do not believe

Just remember …

As an American, you still have the right to leave

Pfc. Brian Lewis

U.S. Marine Corp

Mount Si High School

graduate 2003

Judy Marshall

North Bend