Writer supports David Irons

Letter to the Editor

I am pleased that David Irons will be our King County Council

representative (yes, I’m aware there’s a so-called campaign being waged,

but nothing I’ve read has convinced me this is a serious candidate with a

well thought out or genuine desire to serve our community).

The community elected David, and I know he’s gratified by the

support shown for his fine qualifications. I just want to give thanks to him

for stepping forward to run for the office, in spite of what it’s meant to his

family life.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with David for the past eight years

as he’s served on the Issaquah School Board. As secretary to the board

for the past 20-plus years, I have observed many board members in many


David has always shown himself to be a serious and thoughtful

board member. He does his homework, reading volumes of background

material sent out prior to meetings. He calls when he has questions, and he

pushes staff for additional information if he needs it before making a decision.

When David disagrees with a recommendation, suggestion, or the

opinion of a fellow board member, he always does so with respect and

explains the rationale for his position. He isn’t afraid of being the lone dissenter,

but when he finds himself in that position, it’s the result of careful

deliberation, thoughtful discussion and consideration of the input he’s sought and

received from staff and members of the community.

He’s a fiscal conservative. He personally led the district to a tax

savings of about $200,000 to replace the worn out football field at Issaquah

High School. David pushed for more study, delayed voting, and risked the

anger of football fans if the installation took the field out of service for

practice. The result: a less expensive, but safer and better field in every way.

That’s just one example of how David’s courage and caring have served us well.

So thanks, David. I’m sure you’ll do an excellent job on the King

County Council.

Lorraine Swanson Morton