Writer supports Brian Derdowski for King County Council

Janna will let you know whats happening in Fall City.

As we become involved with issues in our local community, state

and nation, we become aware that government rarely functions in an orderly

and seamless way, all checked and balanced the way the textbooks

describe. Government is for people and run by people, but finding the right person

to really help with a concern can be frustrating, intimidating and

downright discouraging. In government, as in the private sector, a word in edgewise

by the right person can make all the difference.

Over the years, many residents of District 12 have found that an

effective way to get information, to get the straight story, the proper form, or

just through the required hoops is to contact our King County Council

representative, Brian Derdowski. Brian and his staff are always easy to

contact. They return calls. But more important, they demystify the process of

government. They make the call to the agency or department you need to deal

with, so when you call with your issue or concern and say that Brian or his

staff told you they could help, you don’t get the run-around that gives

government and bureaucracies a bad name. You get someone to listen. You

get answers. You get help. You feel respected and empowered.

And if you still have problems, Brian is there to challenge the

system and teach you how to do the same. Government is a work in process

that needs citizen input. Citizen input is especially effective coupled with

the combined vision and experience of Brian Derdowski. If you’ve got a

problem or a question, you’re encouraged to call him at home, (425)

837-9103, or send him an e-mail (brian@derdowski.com). He’ll

get back to you and work with you. As he says, “Hey, that’s my job!”


King County Road Services is looking for citizens to serve on an

advisory group to review pedestrian, traffic and bicycle safety

improvements for the Fall City community for both the short- and long-term.

For more information and an application form, contact Mary Coltrane,

(206) 263-3424. Applications are due by Sept. 20 and the first meeting will

be on Oct. 4.


A reliable source called wondering why we were still wondering

what the Herbfarm was planning. Evidently the Herbfarm is not planning on

building/rebuilding in Fall City, which makes the rationale for zoning

changes all the stranger.

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