Why buy into hospital idea?

Letter to the Editor

It seems that the main reason for this new hospital proposal is the lack of storage space, more room for hospital personnel and expanding services.

I assumed the main reason for the expansion, although not mentioned, is the extreme patient load that the hospital is having trouble caring for. As it stands, the hospital only has 28 beds. Surely, it must be filled to capacity.

Get real. This hospital isn’t being used.

This hospital, over the last 20 years, has lost millions of dollars.

I have asked for the profit and loss statement for the year ending 2006. I was sent the 2004 and 2005 statements with a note that the 2006 statement isn’t available (My goodness. We’re halfway through 2007). They said they would send it later.

I’m sure the hospital has nothing to hide. I’m just curious to know how many millions were lost last year.

What is the hospital’s answer to this? Why, build a bigger hospital, of course. Four times bigger. Lots of storage. Room for more personnel. Well, no more beds, but who cares? This hospital is sustained by taxes. They are asking us to vote for a levy increase Aug. 21.

Do you realize there is approximately 10 minutes difference in drive time to the location of the proposed Swedish Hospital in Issaquah?

Who thought up this idea of a new hospital? Why would anybody buy into it?

The hospital has entered into negotiations to sell the current hospital and is negotiating the price of land for the new hospital, and the voters have yet to approve the levy increase. How about forgetting the levy increase and instead ask the voters if we even want a new hospital?

When will I get the 2006 profit and loss statement? It probably won’t arrive until after Aug. 21.

Herschel Backues

North Bend