Who’s responsible?

Letter to the Editor

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I am sick and tired of being blamed for the “third and not final” failure of the school bond issue to pass the supermajority vote.

Look, folks, its failure starts with Ron Sims and his strong-arm tactics and ends with the inertia of our elected state officials.

Ron Sims rammed the Ridge housing project down Snoqualmie’s throat, did not negotiate with the developers to set aside sufficient land for future schools, and has not partnered with this community to resolve the nightmare that his political ambitions created.

Our elected state officials have had lots of time to introduce and strong-arm through a bill that would in effect hold the housing developers’ feet to the fire, until they cough up enough coins to pay three quarters of the cost to build new schools based on projected enrollment (versus current enrollment). Instead, they introduced a bill to take away our voice when they tried to abolish the supermajority vote.

It all comes down to politics, doesn’t it. Sims, et. al., give favors to the rich to get favors when they run for office: I’ll scratch your back if you invite me to your club and scratch mine.

Joel Aune and parents are blaming the taxpayers for not passing the school bond. I have this to say to them: Folks, you’re barking up the wrong tree. You have had lots of time to organize and to take action against Sims and our elected state officials. But now it’s too late – they’re on recess.

Instead of blaming taxpayers, take responsibility and be accountable for your future. Get off your butts and petition your elected officials to change the law, to make housing developers pay for schools based on future enrollment, and to set aside sufficient land for the schools that will need to be built after they make their millions of dollars and rape our environment.

In other words, it’s on you, parents, not on me. You want schools? Go and get them… from your elected officials.

Sheila Hunter

North Bend