Water before building

Letter to the Editor.

Sammamish Water District (SWD) is considering water rationing for its existing customers, while at the same time being forced by the developer, Port Blakely, to provide water outside the current boundaries of the water district.

Treemont is a proposed development located outside of Fall City on Highway 202 and is zoned rural, one home per five acres, under the existing comprehensive plan. Port Blakely’s proposal of one house per acre, which exceeds the density of the comprehensive plan, needs Issaquah’s water to be approved.

Do the existing homeowners who are supplied water by SWD want their water rights to be given to a developer outside their boundaries? The developer has threatened the water district with “consequences” if the SWD does not provide water in accordance with an earlier agreement made back in 1988. This agreement was based on a surplus of water that existed back in 1988, but is now gone.

King County has not approved the Treemont development, yet the developer wants your water. Call the SWD at (425) 392-6256, www.sammplat.wa.org and Bruce Bennett at King County at (206) 296-1952, or e-mail bruce.bennett@metrokc.gov before it’s too late and water is gone.

Cindy Parks

Fall City