Valley sends out another group to face the world

Record Editorial.

Last week was rather busy around the Valley, as well as at the offices of your local newspaper. Three graduations marked the passing of one more group of young people from our small corner of the

world to the entire world at large.

With this passing, a small part of each of us goes with these graduates

as they carry environmental, family and school influences with them.

Attending the graduations of Two Rivers, Cedarcrest and Mount Si was somewhat

emotional, as this was the first class that Karen and I have watched from

freshman up through graduation. We have developed some great friendships with

students and parents and hope we helped provide a positive influence.

Graduation also marks an accomplishment for taxpayers. Three more

graduating classes have progressed through our school system, which we

primarily paid for through our taxes. They have met the academic standards set forth

by the state and many were recognized for outstanding achievements. They

participated in athletic programs using facilities that we provided and

increased their technical knowledge on computers that were purchased, in many

cases, by bonds that we approved. So all in all, we can take pride in this year’s

graduates. They will make Valley residents proud both now and in the future.

Jim McKiernan