Track, field would outweigh academics

Letter to the Editor.

I agree with the Snoqualmie Valley Record [Nov. 30 editorial] that

cuts in King County funding should be fairly distributed. I support

county government’s decision to make cuts in less-than-critical recreational

budget items (including pools and community centers) rather than in public

safety and criminal justice, but hope that they are being fair in distributing those

cuts around the county.

I am less wholeheartedly in agreement about the Riverview athletic

facility levy. The proposed facilities included a ticket booth, concession

stand and restrooms, in addition to new fields and track. These items seem more

appropriate to Safeco Field than to a small, local high school’s

football field.

Making high-school sports competition into a spectator sport on

such a scale as to need a ticket booth and concession stand (and separate

bathrooms from those in the adjacent school building) is extravagant. It

also has the undesirable effect of placing athletic achievement on a higher

plane of importance as against academic achievement. Being a

high-school football star will not help much with finding a good job after

graduation; learning math and English will!

Karen J. Williams