Tift Haus decision is fishy

Letter to the Editor.

I have been following the Tift Haus story and have concerns regarding the city of North Bend voting against selling the 40-foot right of way to the owners.

It appears to me that the city knew about this property line discrepancy many years ago, yet no one bothered to contact the owners and advise them of the issue until now. The city has allowed the owners of the Tift Haus to maintain the 40-foot right of way all of these years.

Something just isn’t right with this picture. I urge the residents of North Bend to take a stand on this issue and demand that an outside agency be hired to investigate, and demand a new vote. If the Tift Haus owners purchased and maintained this 40-foot right of way all of these years with the belief that the property was theirs and the city allowed them to believe this even though they knew that not to be true, it certainly has the ring of fraud and deception to me.

I also have to wonder, is the Tift Haus the only business affected by this discrepancy in property lines? If not, what other businesses are affected? And what is the city doing to resolve these issues?

Also, I am curious, is King County going to reimburse the Tift Haus owners for the many years of property taxes they have paid for property that supposedly belongs to the city of North Bend? Or will the owners need to sue the city to regain that money?

Sandy Rodriguez