There you go again Gov. Locke

Letter to the Editor.

In the words of the “Great Communicator,” President Ronald Reagan, “Well, there you go again.” Well, there goes lame-duck Gov. Gary Locke again, selectively picking out a specific business to overtly support (Boeing) as other businesses are going out of business due to strangling regulations, usurious license fees and taxes that fund nefarious “do-gooder” policies, unions, the education community and radical environmentalists that he so graciously gives his undivided attention.

These are the same inane policies that drove Boeing out of here in the first place. It’s the same socialist path that has driven California, Oregon, Washington and other states to the brink of financial melt down.

“Well, there you go again Gov. Locke.” If only the Lord (or an intelligent electorate) would deliver us from this folly. But alas, this begs the question: Is the electorate intelligent since it continuously votes in the same politicians over and over again? So do we get what we deserve? Of course.

Ron Ewart

Fall City