The Valley’s changing face

Letter to the Editor.

Take a good, long look at the cover picture on Page 1. It’s

gonna change, big-time.

We will soon go to the Falls and look across to see, instead

of trees, lots of buildings, offices, houses, etc. Gag me with a spoon.

Those people over there will, from their concrete pad, enjoy

a nice view (more gagging). Maybe they will make it up to us,

though. How about a big skywalk to this side, complete with a

McDonald’s (more gagging)?

One of God’s most beautiful places, in our backyard, gone


It’s OK, though. Cadman will finish off the other end of the

Valley, smiling on their way to the bank. Might as well let that

nice pipeline go through, too.

I say baloney. Are we really gonna allow all this to

happen? Enough lies about no environmental impacts already!

Mike Murphy

North Bend