Thank you to Valley

Thank you to Valley

Thank you to Valley

Usually, I am able to express my feelings in writing quite easily. But today, although my heart is so, so sad, it is also filled with thanksgiving. There seems to be no words that are truly adequate.

Thank you to our wonderful Snoqualmie Valley, friends, classmates, colleagues and family. Your cards, e-mails, flowers, food, hugs, calls and expressions of love and support, and most importantly, your prayers, have encouraged us and blessed us in more ways than any words can say.

Our wonderful, incredible church family, Snoqualmie Valley Alliance and our pastors Monty Wright and Mary Benedict have been with us every step of the way on Dennis’s journey. Although his death was sudden and now he is gone from us, we know that because of our love from Jesus Christ, we will be with him again.

He will be shooting that ball, coaching those kids, painting those pictures, planning that project, watching those elk and most of all breathing freely and with ease until we see him again. God wanted him now, and set him free.

Thank you so much, each and every one of you. We appreciate and love you all. Please know, if we touched your life in any way… you touched ours.

Joan Botten (and 13 grandchildren), Jon and Cherie, Tod and Kara, Scott and Stacey, Mandy and Gary (family of Dennis Botten)

North Bend

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