Thank you to our Veterans

Veterans Day is one of the most important holidays in America, writes State Sen. Brad Hawkins

Veterans Day is one of the most important holidays in America and one that deserves special recognition. Each year, our country proudly honors the courageous men and women who have sacrificed to help maintain the freedoms that our country holds so dear. At a time when wars are raging in multiple areas of the world, where free and sovereign nations are attacked, we should all reflect upon the liberties we enjoy in America and acknowledge those who have sacrificed so much to protect them.

Saturday, Nov. 11 marks the date when our state and country officially honor the heroes among us with the national holiday of Veterans Day. This annual tradition represents a special day to show appreciation for our Veterans and the families who support them but should not be the only day that we reflect on their service and show our support for those living among us who have served in our armed forces.

If you know of veterans living in your neighborhood, teaching in your schools, working alongside you at the office, or serving in local elected positions, please take the time this week – and when opportunities present themselves throughout the year – to say thank you. We show our appreciation because these proud servicemen and women (and their loved ones) have dedicated so much to protecting our way of life, a way of life that some people sadly wish to threaten.

We are privileged in the 12th District to still have some of “The Greatest Generation” among us, who have served in World War II. Cherish our time with them. Some of our neighbors and friends served in the Korean War, Vietnam War or deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan, or other conflicts. We also have thousands of proud reservists among us who have dedicated years to our military efforts.

Our veterans have sacrificed greatly – through various endeavors – and are a humble group. You may not even realize the military service of some people you know quite well. This happens to me quite often. I am honored to learn of each person’s service and, no doubt, hold them in even higher regard than I did before because it matters.

We live in a safe and beautiful region, but we should all recognize that we live in a dangerous and unpredictable world. To the proud veterans and military families of the 12th District, thank you. Our region is grateful to you, today and every day. I am honored to be your state senator.

Brad Hawkins is a state senator representing Washington’s 12th Legislative Distirct, including North Bend, Carnation and Fall City.