Take some pride in some great teachers

Record Editorial

The Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation recently honored three district staff members who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Joe Dockery is one of the best examples of a teacher who motivates his students to make the extra effort and take pride in their work. I’ve known many students whom Joe has mentored over the years, but it is his dedication to the learning process that is the most inspirational.

Dana Stairs was also recognized for her work in fifth grade at Fall City Elementary. I know my kids had a tough time thinking about that transition to sixth grade and middle school, and for a teacher, in the fifth grade, to have that impact says quite a lot about about her ability to hold students’ interest. Her father, Jack Webber, a teacher at Two Rivers School, obviously instilled tremendous teaching values into his daughter, and in fact, she’s a chip off the old block.

Finally, Jerry Johnson, a bus driver, was recognized for his contribution to the learning process. When was the last time you heard a student say something nice about a bus driver? Most students seem apathetic towards bus drivers, if they even notice them at all. For students to recognize Jerry’s efforts to make their days better is a feat in itself.

Congratulations to all three for their honors. Our district is blessed with many great teachers, staff members and administrators. Do us all a favor and give them a “Thanks” when you get the time.