Swedish appeal

Letter to the Editor

The recent article in the Valley Record, concerning the downward spiral of the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital, is disconcerting, to say the least. Eighteen employees have lost their jobs and the hospital has closed the surgery department. A hospital that doesn’t do surgery? I thought hospitals did surgery!

The Valley needs a hospital. This hospital appears ready to close, once again. At the same time, the commissioners are trying to stop Swedish Medical Center from building their new hospital in Issaquah. Exactly how does this help the healthcare needs of the Valley? It’s obvious to me that this hospital should encourage Swedish in their plans. Our emergency room is constantly sending patients from our emergency room to Overlake Hospital Medical Center. Wouldn’t it be faster to send them to Swedish? I could envision a collaborative effort with Swedish, that would benefit all of the Valley. I believe we should ask the commissioners to drop their name from the appeal of Swedish Hospital’s Certificate of Need.

Herschel Backues

North Bend