Sukut for FD38 commissioner

Letter to the Editor.

The voters of Fire District 38 turned down the request to raise

the tax levy lid. The voters have repeatedly told the fire commissioners to

set a responsible budget and operate the district within that budget.

However, after the tax lid lift was rejected by the voters,

Commissioners Gary Stevens and Jerry Prior voted to give Fire District 10 our

reserve fund. They voted to give away FD 38’s reserve fund – $155,000 _ as a

“gesture of good faith.”

This type of leadership will undoubtedly bankrupt our district. I

believe it is time to elect business-minded leaders as commissioners.

As a former mayor of the City of Snoqualmie, Darwin Sukut knows

the finances of government. He has no vested interest in the fire fighting

community. He would serve the will of the taxpayers.

Electing Darwin Sukut may be the last chance the voters have to

keep King County Fire District No. 38 from being absorbed by Eastside Fire

and Rescue (no longer called King County Fire District No. 10).

Tim Noonan