Stop your complaining

Letter to the Editor

The Snoqualmie Ridge development is in the “Snoqualmie Valley” school district, as is Wilderness Rim, River Bend, LaForest, Johnson Heights, Lake Alice, Blakely Wood, Spring Glen and many other “rural” housing developments in the Snoqualmie Valley. Keeping all of one neighborhood’s children together in one school is a dream come true!

Chief Kanim is a wonderful school, what are these parents complaining about?

I congratulate all the schools in the Valley for graciously accepting the sudden influx of students. To buy a house in a development of thousands, with no school available as of yet, and complain that a school in the Valley is not good enough is an outrage. That is just too spoiled for me. There has never been a rift between SMS and CKMS. Are these parents sending their children to school with prejudice? I hope not.

I have trusted the school district’s difficult choices for our children for 10-plus years and never have they let me down. I say stop your complaining and say a simple thank you to all the Valley residents who have welcomed you to our corner of heaven.

Lou Wintermyer