Sparky’s new toy

A look at Snoqualmie life through the eyes of a local.

I am not a believer in making New Year’s resolutions, so the closest I

will come is to promise my grandmother to try and make a good effort to

do my column each week. My Nana is a very special person. She is the type

of person that is always thinking of others. So I want to wish her a happy

New Year and tell her how much I love her!


I hope Christmas was enjoyable for everyone and that the New

Year brings you health and happiness.


Sparky had quite a stocking full of goodies. He wasn’t too impressed

with the expensive can of cat food or the package of cat treats because he

gets those things on a regular basis. He looked at me like I had given him

a sack of coal. I opened his new catnip mouse and he didn’t show much

interest in that.

Then his Aunt Margie gave him a homemade catnip toy and he has

not stopped playing with it for the entire week. She just took some

Christmas material and stuffed it with catnip and sewed it shut. All the cats in the

family got one.

Next week Sparky and I are getting a new bed, so I have a feeling

he won’t want to get out of bed for a week. Lately, he has been spending

a lot of time sitting in front of my full-length mirror looking at himself.

I wonder, is he so worried about getting older he has to keep assuring

himself he is still handsome?


“Each day contains the priceless gift of blessings, falling on us like

the sun’s brilliant rays.”


It happened this week: Americans learned that “a horse is a horse”

except when the horse is the famous Mr. Ed. This popular show about a

talking-horse first appeared on TV in 1961.

George Burns and Gracie Allen were married in 1926 by a justice

of the peace. She always wore the $20 ring he gave her, even when

they started making more money.


Corny joke of the week: What are three keys you can’t use to open

a door? A donkey, a monkey and a turkey.


If you have a votive candleholder that has wax stuck on the

bottom, place the holder in the freezer for 15 minutes and out pops the wax.


Brian and I now have our weekends taken up with basketball

games. First Brandon played baseball, then football and now basketball. I

really enjoy basketball the most. The three of us like to get into a rousing

game of basketball at home, and I find myself getting better at making

baskets. Of course, as soon as I get too cocky and say, “Let a woman show you

how to shoot baskets,” I miss my shot.


One thing that seems to come with a New Year is the reminder that

time goes by fast and we need to remember the important things in life. We

all need to take time to let friends and family know the things we love

and appreciate about them, and to be thankful for some of the more

simple things about life. It seems anymore that people just are on the go all

the time and don’t really take time to relax. I’ve always been a homebody

and enjoy being at home relaxing and reading or embroidering. I have found

with Brandon that he is happiest when the three of us are home, relaxing

and playing board games or basketball, etc.

Happy New Year, and I hope we all find time to do the things that

are most important in life.

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