Some folks on the left certainly have guts

Letter to the Editor

Dave Olson’s suggestion that Joe Crecca can’t possibly judge John Kerry’s suitability for the presidency because Crecca was, when Kerry was “sleeping with” the likes of Jane Fonda and Ramsey Clark, doing hard time in a North Vietnamese prison, is a classic example.

For the record, in this veteran’s opinion I’ll take veteran Crecca’s opinion before I’d take veteran Olson’s.

Further, I communicate daily with five “old” Marine combat veterans. Four of us served in the Korean War, one served in both the Korean and the Vietnam War and one, a Canadian ironically, served in Vietnam. Two of us were Marine reserves who went to Korea instead of “boot-camp.” To a man, we detest John Kerry.

Many of us know heroes and more than a few frauds. Heroes rarely talk about their heroism. The frauds talk about little else. Kerry brings to mind the latter. On the other hand, if Kerry releases his military records as President Bush did, perhaps our doubts will be laid to rest.

Olson’s opinion is that “John Kerry’s record, experience and positions on the issues” make him the best choice for president of the United States. I’m inclined to agree with the “positions” part in that Kerry seems to have at least two positions on any given issue.

Finally there’s Snoqualmie’s Viki Hoyt. Ms. Hoyt seems not to notice or not to care that there have been no attacks on the United States since that of 9-11. Had President Clinton demonstrated the same decisiveness as President Bush, we’d very likely have been spared the 9-11 tragedy.

It should also be obvious to anyone with an IQ above room temperature that Ms. Hoyt has pretty well captured all the phony Democrat National Committee talking points while allying herself, at least in spirit, with the leftist, radical, albeit very vocal minority of 9-11 victim family survivors who, amazingly, managed to hold a press conference within mere minutes of the airing of the “outrageous” Bush ad.

Well, whine on Dave and Viki. You’re in good company. Lessee, there’s and Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell and Barbra Streisand and “Baghdad Boys” Sean Penn and Jim McDermott, and the list goes on.

George Crotts

North Bend