So many thank yous

Letter to the Editor.

To our wonderful community, thank you for all the

outpouring of prayers, so many

“strangers,” so many open arms.

Liesel and Lauren, you are truly angels sent from

heaven. Thank you for being with us Friday night, and all the

memories you pulled from your pockets.

Snoqualmie New Life Christian Center, thank you for the

most awesome service we’ve ever been to and ever will. The people,

the doves, the music, the food. No wonder Abby didn’t have time

to clean her room and do her chores. We were always telling her to

get her priorities straight; little did we know she did. She was

everything anyone would want in a daughter, and a whole lot more.

Camp Gilead, you meant the world to Abby. Continue to do

the wonderful things you do.

Hanine and all the friends, thank you for being in our

lives. We’ll miss the noise, the late phone calls, Silly String.

“The group,” you who camped with us. The messes left behind.

The laughter, oh, the laughter. Remember Abby and just be true to

yourselves, and stop by!

The emergency crews, thank you for your compassion,

retaining the dignity and the efficiency of your jobs. You are all heroes.

Mary and Jake, we are bonded together forever. Thank you.

Toby and Richelle, Janae and Amy, we know our angels are

smiling down on us.

Elaine, our arms and door will always be opened to you.

Again, we want to thank everyone for the flowers,

food, prayers and much, much more.

There are so many people to mention. Pastor Jake and

Marilee, Joe and Amy, Mike and Sue. We would like to thank our

families and friends for being here to help us through this devastating

time. We love you all so much.

For one of Abby’s classes, she was required to write in a

journal. Each day they were given a different subject, and this is her

last journal entry, dated Jan. 31 2001. The subject was, “If you were

to be famous, what would you want to be famous for?”

“If I am ever famous I want it to be for my … faith.

“I would want people to know I’m a Christian and know that

I lived my life as a Christian. I’d want to be a good example to

everyone. I wouldn’t want to be famous for my looks or

anything like that, I would want it to be for who I am, and not a lie. I

would want people to look at me, or see me, and think, “Wow, I wish I

had what she did,” and not because of me on the outside but me on

the inside, and who I am and why I’m here. It’s hard to explain, I

guess you would just have to feel what I feel to know.”

Abby Jocile Cunningham

July 12, 1984 to Jan. 31, 2001

Ralston, Cheryl, Allie and Kyle Cunningham