Sno Valley Idol met with enthusiasm

Letter to the Editor

The Si View Community Center bounced and swayed to the amazing talent of 12 performers vying to become the Sno Valley Idol on Friday night, May 20.

It was a great pleasure to watch these kids sing their hearts out. Thank you so much to Danielle Tomlinson, Allyson Rosman, Lyric Rose Lewis, Isaac Bond, Gabriela Toledano, Taylor Dumas, Kira Podolsky, Giselle Gonzales, Steven Chelgren, Heidi Hall, Ellen Washburn and Jessica Oliver for participating, for being so enthusiastic and for being so supportive of each other. You set a great example for future Sno Valley Idol contestants.

Many volunteers contributed time and energy to help us make Sno Valley Idol a success. We would like to thank the five judges – Berry Rogers, Amanda Stanton, Beth Neleson, Andy Tribolini and Alan Roberts – who did an amazing job with a very difficult task. And thank you so much to Harley Brumbaugh for being a generous, charming and very professional master of ceremonies.

Many other people, too numerous to name, helped us along the way and for them we are extremely grateful. We would like to extend a special thank you to an extraordinary volunteer, Donna Crowe, who comes every month to help us with family night, including the Sno Valley Idol.

Thank you also, to everyone who showed up and cheered on the contestants. Your support and enthusiasm was clear.

Wanda Boe

Si View Metropolitan

Park District

Suzanne Oliver

Children’s Services of

Sno Valley

North Bend