School editorial partially factual

Letter to the Editor

I read with interest your editorial on Wednesday regarding the school board decision to bus Snoqualmie Ridge middle -school children to Chief Kanim. I also read with interest your references to Chief Kanim being part of the “Valley” and your overall premise that Ridge residents need to “get on board” and realize that we are all part of a bigger picture here – that being the Valley in general. I must admit that certain portions of your article were factual. Others, however, were not.

First, I do not think or know of anyone on the “Ridge” who disagrees that Chief Kanim is not an outstanding school. Secondly, I do not think that any one person on the Ridge does not want to be part of the Valley. In fact, I think that everyone on the Ridge has gone out of their way to be a part of this community and is, quite frankly, sick and tired of being singled out by other residents as being (and I quote) the “yuppie snobs” that we are portrayed to be. If we did not want to be part of our community, than why would we be so upset about being transferred to a school that is not in our own city limits.

Thirdly, and most importantly, I strongly feel that what was omitted from your editorial was the fact that most Ridge residents are upset about the process that the school board took in making their decision. Granted, they should be given some autonomy when it comes to making decisions they feel are in the best interests of our children and tax dollars. However, their busing decision was made long before it was ever released to the public.

Fourth, the group of citizens on the Ridge who are looking into the busing issue have only requested information from the board to determine whether other options may be more viable than busing Ridge students to Chief Kanim. I strongly feel that if these same residents reviewed all the statistics and facts and wound up agreeing with the board, then so be it.

Fifth, you state in your article that the school bond was overwhelmingly supported. In reality, it barely passed by only about 60 votes. Lastly, I know that you never contacted the group of concerned citizens organized here on the Ridge for any of their opinions on this matter. I strongly believe that had you contacted them, your editorial would have been a little different.

As the general manager of our community paper, I do feel that you, Mr. McKiernan, have an obligation (albeit it a moral one) to start writing editorials that present both sides of the issue – not just your own personal views. Being the only paper in town, I feel that you have a responsibility to the community to educate the Valley – not segregate the Valley.

I further must admit that I do not think that you should continue to print or otherwise make reference to the Ridge-Snoqualmie “rift.” You, as an editor of the only paper in town, are only perpetuating this so-called problem. If you feel so strongly that one exists, I urge you to start printing some solutions to the same. Why don’t you start trying to build some community relations by offering the folks of Snoqualmie all sides of each issue? I think that we, as a community, deserve that from our paper. As a Ridge resident, I am tired of being portrayed by your paper as the villain of a community I love, and of a city I care about.

Please, get your facts straight, start acting responsibly and provide me with stories that allow me to form my own opinion. Quite frankly, I feel that is your job.

Laurie Gibbs