School board’s decision supported

Letter to the Editor

As a parent, I hate to see children bused all over a school district. I truly understand how disappointed the residents of Snoqualmie Ridge are at the prospect of the proposed boundary change. Unfortunately, we live in a district that is growing rapidly and covers a lot of territory.

Ideally, each child would attend the school closest to them, but, with the majority of growth being confined to such a small area, something has to give. I object to the statement that someone else should be bused just because they have lived in the district longer and, therefore, have agreed to the sacrifice.

These people have been here through it all and voted on and paid for school bonds. Should they be penalized for living here longer? They’ve watched new schools being built with hopes of their children being able to attend, only to find they are being bused past it.

Has anyone bothered to look at what time those kids catch the bus in the morning? I see morning pickup in Wilderness Rim is at 6:10 a.m., one and a half hours before school starts at Chief Kanim. It only makes sense to adjust the boundaries to reduce their bus rides. It won’t alleviate them altogether.

The parents that will be affected by the boundary change need to look at the big picture and consider all children, not just their own. This is what the district is trying to accomplish, fairness across the board, and I support their decision.

Oh, and if there is any question of where I am coming from, I have only lived in the district for a year and a half and I have an Issaquah school within walking distance, but we fall into Snoqualmie Schools. My kids are bused and catch it at 6:20 a.m. They may not be affected by the boundary change, but are affected by the bus routes. I’m all for making them shorter for all children.

Lynette Smallwood

Fall City