School board moving too fast

Letter to the Editor

I am a resident and parent in the city of Snoqualmie and reside in the Ridge area. My husband and I have two children currently attending Snoqualmie Elementary School, one of which will be attending middle school next year. I am extremely upset to hear of the plans to re-organize the school district’s boundaries and have all of the children, except those currently attending SMS and their siblings, bused over to Fall City to attend Chief Kanim Middle School.

There are several issues to address with this huge decision but I will focus on the school board’s rapid decision to get this boundary change voted on. I attended the school board meeting last night and when asked what other plans or proposals they looked at, they said that this was the only one they are proposing. I hardly believe that this can be the only plan proposal to review.

With changes this large involving children and families, I ask that the school board halt this decision now and postpone their vote for a year, get a citizens group organized to participate in options and other solutions and truly explore other alternatives rather than quickly moving this along.

They may need to consider hiring an outside consultant to assess the numbers and the needed boundary change. The first time this was on the school board agenda was Feb. 12 and they are planning on voting on this April 8. I would say that they have already made up their minds to make this huge devastating change and this will tear up any sense of community within Snoqualmie.

Another issue is the increased volume of buses, personal carpools, after-school activity pick up needs, PTSA meetings, dances, etc., that will add exponentially the risk of the drive down 202 to CKMS. I plead that they stop and postpone this for one year and get community involvement.

Robin McLaughlin