Saving Snoqualmie

Letter to the Editor

Last week’s paper announced that WRECO had just filed a formal

request with King County for the expansion of Snoqualmie’s Urban

Growth Area (UGA), so WRECO could begin building the next 1,700 houses

in Snoqualmie Ridge.

WRECO can’t build the next 1,700 houses unless the King County

Council approves the expansion of the UGA. The majority of the

King County councilpersons are pro-developer and will vote to expand the UGA.

If Dave Irons, Jr., is elected in the November elections, he will cast

another pro-developer vote.

If you want to save Snoqualmie, and the rest of the Valley, and to

prevent the building of these 1,700 houses, you have a chance to do

so. Cast your vote for Di Irons by writing in her name on the November ballot.

Di is definitely not a friend of the developers. She will cast a vote

for slow growth and may be able to block the expansion of Snoqualmie’s UGA.

Her name is not printed on the ballot; you have to actually write her

name in.

If this is important to you, talk to your friends and neighbors about it.

Ian Macrae

Fall City