Running a city is not just about money

Letter to the Editor

I would like to thank Snoqualmie Mayor Fuzzy Fletcher for being innovative, energetic and accessible during his tenure as mayor of Snoqualmie. I was impressed by his willingness to think outside the box in regards to major land preservation agreements and using his tenacity in completing a long-awaited flood mitigation project.

I was always impressed by his prompt response to my phone calls or e-mails regarding questions or concerns I had, which were also followed through with action.

I would like to take this time to endorse Greg Harrelson for mayor. He has an excellent background for sensible financial management of the city budget, but also the insight to realize that running a city is not just about money. I give him credit for pointing out that overlooked elephant in the living room, which is the extreme dual nature of the two halves of this city. I would like to see dynamic leadership that does not accept the mediocre future of a typical Eastside city with boring solutions to problems because this is anything but a boring place.

I’d like to see a mayor who can connect the dots of outstanding resources in this spectacular Valley: 1) Snoqualmie Falls; 2) the train; 3) the river; 4) the mountains; 5) the Snoqualmie Tribe; 6) Tollgate; 7) a PGA golf course; 8) a micro brewery.

Let’s go about taking care of what we have. I also support Tony Yanez.

Julia Benson

30-year resident of