Ron Sims owns you

Letter to the Editor

What is wrong with you people of Eastern King County? Each year Ron Sims, the defacto environmental dictator of King County, keeps promulgating tighter and tighter regulations for rural property owners and you people just stand there and take it.

Perhaps some of you are old enough to remember the dictator of Germany that slowly and behind the backs of the people took tighter and tighter control over those same people that included their lives, their income and their property. And they just stood by as he eradicated (murdered) Jews and invaded Poland and other European countries until finally, he owned them. It took millions of lives lost to stop this madman in his tracks.

You people in the rural areas have been disenfranchised by the population centers you surround due to the rules of representation. As a result, you have little or no say in the process and Ron Sims owns you.

One of the reasons the founding fathers came up with the Electoral College was to prevent the very disenfranchisement of states with smaller populations. You have now become an un-represented minority, governed by the irrational demands of the densely populated urban centers, without regard to constitutional rights or safeguards. Do you think your one vote on the County Council is going to buy you anything? Not likely.

But many minorities have managed to reverse bad policy by making a bigger “noise” than those populated urban centers. You tried to secede from King County by creating Cedar County. That didn’t work because you weren’t willing to put your money where your initiative signature was. It takes money to fight these people and you had better get with it or watch your property rights slowly disappear into the evil wind of socialism and radical environmentalism.

For God’s sake, get off of your duff and start making a noise. Withhold your taxes and do it together and make a big noise about it. Start attending Metropolitan King County Council meetings en masse and make a big noise. That will draw the print and electronic media. Pretty soon they will start listening to you.

Camp out on the lawn of your King County council members that represent you. Make their lives miserable. Send letters to the editor, everywhere. If you aren’t willing to fight for your rights, who will? But you’d better hurry. It may already be too late. Get a group together and let me come and fire you up because I’m mad as hell and I can’t stand by and watch this happen without taking a stand.

Call me. I’m in the book.

Ron Ewart

Fall City