Roaming dogs are hazard

Letter to the Editor

On Saturday, Sept. 16, I swerved while driving on Preston-Fall City Road to avoid hitting two dogs. My two young daughters were with me in the car.

I turned my car around with much difficulty and, along with several other drivers, rescued the dogs and used a cell phone to call the number on the dogs’ tags. The owner said she was “too busy” to retrieve her animals that had just nearly caused several car accidents.

I took the dogs to the address on the tags. One dog apparently roams free enough to have “tie outside gate” engraved on its tag. I was not comfortable tying the dog next to the road and just leaving the other dog to wander back to the busy roadway and I was angry the owner would not come to the locked security gate.

I took the dogs to the Fall City Fire Department. I was now very late for a child’s birthday party. Thankfully, fire department personnel took the dogs to call the owner.

To the Fall City Fire Department – a big thank you. My little girls were late to the party, but didn’t have to miss the whole thing.

To the lady in the million-dollar house on Preston-Fall City Road – take some responsibility. You are creating a situation that is unsafe for your dogs and people.

Diane Brace