Ridge students should stay in Snoqualmie

Letter to the Editor

I have recently been informed of the school board’s intention to move the Snoqualmie Ridge children that attend SMS to CKMS the following year and permanently thereafter. This is an outrage! Do you know what this is going to do to our community? It is already known that there is a “separation” gap between the Ridge and lower Snoqualmie. I thought we were supposed to be working together as “one!”

I am a parent of two children that attend SES. My third-grade daughter has formed a close and probably forever-lasting relationship with her classmate, whom happens to live on the Ridge. And because of this, I have met many parents in that community that I can now call my friends. If the children are “shipped” away to another school, it will undoubtedly affect not only the relationships built among the children, but the parents, also. Then what happens? We become so distant and separated from each other that we become separate towns?

Are we forgetting to think about what’s most important in our children’s lives? In our community? What is this decision being based upon? Poor planning?

Let’s stop and think about the negative impact this move would make on community support for one another. It is ridiculous to make this move “now” considering it is only going to affect 33 children next year. Why don’t we put this on hold and come up with a better plan? Why don’t we involve more individuals in the planning process?

The families from the Ridge help support our community schools. I do not want to see their children attending school in another community.

We are a community and need to work together to solve this issue.

All of our children need to attend a “Snoqualmie” middle school.

Julie Schumacher

“Historic” Snoqualmie