Reasons why she’s voting for Harrelson

Letter to the Editor

I am voting for Greg Harrelson for mayor and this is why: Greg has had the responsibility to manage a budget larger than the city of Snoqualmie’s, which is just part of his job. He has done that successfully. Matt Larson, on the other hand, has been in office for four years, as head of the finance committee for two and has supported a fiscal policy to spend now and tax later. This is against the city’s fiscal consultant recommendations. I cannot afford his continued fiscal irresponsibility any longer.

Greg is for a strong, locally controlled police force. As mayor, he will have them be part of the budget process. Matt Larson went directly to King County to talk costs for them to contract a police force. Living under King County police contractors is an expensive proposition when you look at the value for the dollar. We are better off with police officers that care for us, live with us and are part of our community.

Greg wants to develop downtown to attract the tourist dollar. Matt Larson is trying to withhold the funding of Railroad Days to use the money elsewhere.

These are just a few of the reasons. Most important, I encourage everyone eligible to vote to do so on Nov. 8.

Gail Key