Reasons to shop locally

Letter to the Editor

While at the North Bend Ace Hardware purchasing a recreation license, an employee new to the procedure was having difficulty. She had to ask for help. The whole process consumed a lot of time.

While I was waiting, I got the usual “VIP” greetings from Mary, Susie and Marcia. As I was leaving, the manager, Carl, came over and thanked me for being so patient. That he took the time to do this while in the midst of remodeling work left me with a very good feeling.

The next day, I needed to talk to Jim at the Valley Record. Sue, the receptionist, in a happy and upbeat way, greeted me and a short time later, with a friendly smile, told me to go in to see Jim. He does so many little things for people and for this community for which he never seeks or wants credit.

A short time later, I stopped at the barbershop where Jerry, as usual, greeted me like a long, lost friend. We shared family news and fishing activity updates.

It was now 10 a.m. and the bank was open, so I went to the Bank of America where a friendly, helpful teller assisted me. When I was finished, I heard an inviting voice call me and say, “Fred, how are you?” I took this as an invitation from Karen Kujath, my personal banker, to sit and talk. We had an enjoyable visit.

Driving home, I thought isn’t it wonderful that we can live in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley and interact and share our lives with so many positive people.

Fred Lawrence