Quarry threatens Valley tranquility

Letter to the Editor

Looming on the horizon is a major invasion of our rural way of life

in Snoqualmie Valley. The proposed Duvall Rock Quarry two miles

north of Duvall will permanently disrupt the tranquillity of Cherry Valley. It

will drastically increase rock-laden truck traffic onto SR 203, through the

city of Duvall, and onto the Woodinville-Duvall Road, and endanger fish

and wildlife habitats.

A common-cause, non-profit organization, Friends of Cherry Valley,

has organized to oppose this outrageous proposal. They have filed a

lawsuit against King County, contending that zoning for the quarry was

obtained without required environmental studies or public notification. They

have gained the attention of King County Executive Ron Sims and have

written to various legislators, questioning the wisdom of placing a polluting

industrial operation in the middle of pristine farmland and residential


With each meeting of this organization, an increasing number of

the greater Cherry Valley community has voiced outrage at the many

environmental impacts of this proposal. Major issues include the 544 truck

trips per day at full operation onto SR 203, the disruption and pollution

of Hanstead and Cherry Creeks, both vital to the threatened chinook

salmon, and the effect of increased noise, dust, and use of high explosives within

a mile of Cherry Valley Elementary School. All of these issues

threaten King County’s promise to protect our rural legacy.

Recent efforts by Novelty Neighbors to overturn the Alberg gravel

pit proposal south of Duvall have been successful, demonstrating that a

community of citizens, working together, can make a difference in

preserving our beautiful Valley.

But even with this success, we have become aware of yet

another mine proposal within a mile of the Duvall Rock Quarry in

Snohomish County. Without citizen efforts, we could have an industrial

moonscape stretching from Monroe to North Bend.

Friends of Cherry Valley will be meeting next on Oct. 12 at 7 p.m.

at Cherry Gardens Community Club. They need the support of everyone

in this fight.

To find out more about how you can help, contact Friends of

Cherry Valley at (425) 788-5857 or visit their Web site at www.cherry-valley.net.

This ill-conceived mine proposal came to life without public

involvement but will only go away with help from the entire community.