Quake could affect Cadman site

Letter to the Editor.

From a report distributed by the Los Angeles Times

Syndicate and earthweek.com, quoting the Earth Environmental

Service: “There happened on Dec. 31, 2000, at 10:08 a.m. an

earthquake of 2.9 magnitude five miles east of North Bend, Wash.”

Would not this event have occurred very near the area

where Cadman is proposing its 25-year blasting operation to

produce gravel? Does its draft environmental impact statement take into

account the earthquake potential of the area?

In the past, I remember dashing out of our creaking house

into the backyard to watch the rocks roll and the dust rise from the

face of Mount Si. This used to be called the result of the Mount Si Fault,

a name not used in recent years.

Possibly a check with the University of Washington

seismology lab should be made about the underlying stability of the

whole area that could be compromised by prolonged blasting and the

removal of overlying stratum.

Jean McCracken

North Bend