Proud Cedarcrest parent comments

Letter to the Editor.

There are three items I would like to address. First, I would like to

thank all the parents and staff that I saw last night at the Cedarcrest High

School parent/teacher conferences. Fourteen-hour days are long for everyone.

This is my first year as a parent at Cedarcrest, and it was wonderful to

see so many caring parents and smiling teachers.

Secondly, please read about classes offered at Cedarcrest through

Cascadia Community College and BCC. We need to take advantage of the

close proximity of these great offerings of diverse classes, taught by many of

our local teachers. We need community support to further higher education

in the Valley. It is an excellent opportunity for all ages.

Thirdly, now that I have a student at Cedarcrest, I am facing the

same frustrations parents through the years have been crying about: lack of

proper athletic fields.

This is sad. I make 12 trips into Carnation every week just so

my daughter can practice with the girls’ soccer team. All three girls’

soccer teams are doing well this year. If they had the proper facilities, I could

easily smell a league championship. The way they are playing, they could

pull it off anyway.

Think hard, people of the Valley. We parents are tired and cranky.

This denies our children part of their fundamental right to a good education

and curriculum. The football teams are playing far better than their

win/loss records portray.

Winning isn’t everything, but after years of other schools’

ridicule about the playing fields at Tolt, can’t we please find it in our hearts to

give these kids what they deserve?

Becky Nixon