Paying the piper

Record Editorial

Let’s face it, the Valley is growing. With growth comes the need to improve and expand infrastructure. No one piece of who we are as a community is more important than our schools. Our schools will mold generations to come and send ambassadors into the world, reflecting our community values. Compressing them into overcrowded schools will, in my humble opinion, send a different person out into the world than a student who thrives in a learning environment that isn’t feeling like a sardine can.

Mount Si is overcrowded. Anyone who doubts this just has to schedule a tour of the school and check out the halls between classes. The need is immediate, not in 10 years.

Sure, some folks say to let the developers pay for new schools. Unfortunately, that is nothing more than a pipe dream. Letter writers continue to say, ‘Let the developers pay for it.’ So basically these people are saying, screw the schools, do the best you can with what you have and hope our kids turn out OK. Never mind the multitude of studies that suggest Mount Si is nowhere near an optimally-sized high school. The facilities task force can provide more data if you still don’t believe. For those who think the cost is too high, maybe you haven’t paid for land in East King County lately, or maybe you haven’t had any remodeling done. It’s not cheap, but in fact, even with the current downturn, costs are escalating.

Everyone in the school district will benefit from this proposition. It provides renovation money for seven school buildings.

I challenge those of you who may have voted no to really examine what this school bond contains. Think back to your previous support of school bonds and get the facts. There is enough misinformation floating around on some of the local Yahoo groups to require a good pair of rubber boots. (It is getting deep in spots.)

I truly believe our community is only as good as our schools. Schools in the Valley are the only hub of connection we have. We need to continue to foster their growth and the growth of our children. Now is not the time to let them down.

Vote yes for the school bond on March 11.