Passage of I-695 brings world to end?

Letter to the Editor

Let me see if I understand the dilemma. We reduced the

transportation budget and now the world will come to an end? Is this the same bunch

of incompetents that let two floating bridges sink? Is this the same

group that bought ferries with German parts that are not in stock in the US so

they can wait two weeks for replacement parts? Are these the same people

that haven’t installed right-turn lanes in 700 intersections throughout

King County? Is this the same understaffed group that sends a “team of

engineers” with a can of red paint to mark

highway cracks for later tar filling? (I’m sure the man who fills the cracks

can find them without the high-priced crack finders; just ask any driver!)

Are these the same experts that permit studded tires to rip apart our

highways? Are these the mental giants that pave one day and then install

some utility the next month? Are these the careful shepherds of our dollars

that replaced 43 bridges in King County that were adequate as they were?

If this is their record with full funding, why give them full funding

now? We need a citizens committee to review all the bird-brained decisions

of the past and present real solutions for the future.

Chuck Dike

Fall City