Not a happy in Carnation

Letter to the Editor

Thousands showed up for the July Fourth parade in Carnation. Less than 12 Carnation residents showed up for the ground breaking of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

On Thursday, I held a sign that read “NO CAO” and was stopped from entering the ground-breaking ceremony by three policemen; hovering were two policemen on bikes. I was stopped from taking in my signs. I gave my signs to my husband and walked toward the gathering assembled under a white tent.

A policeman said, “Come back here.” What would you do? I came back. He said that I needed to show him respect. I did. I listened and he told me this was a by-invitation-only event and that the gravel pathway had limited access. I knew that he was not going to allow me entrance, so I walked away.

This was a public occasion and he did not tell me the truth. Others went in without an invitation and invitations were not checked. It was publicly advertised on the Web site and in the newspaper. The only reason I can think for my not being allowed in was the shirt that I was wearing that said, “Tell Sims & DDES (Department of Development and Environmental Studies) They Can’t Have 65 Percent of my Ground.”

I do not have anything against the policeman. For the huge crowd of government officials and the less than 12 residents to be entertained that day at the people’s expense, to not allow me to observe the ground breaking is unfair.