No `bad ass’ in Bible

Letter to the Editor.

Bad Ass Coffee. Am I terribly offended? No. Am I

disappointed? Yes. You can defend one meaning all you want, but if

you are going to write in defense of one meaning, then you are

defending all of the other connotations. Frankly, I’m

disappointed in everyone that wrote in to defend something that is so

obviously in poor taste.

If you’re OK with the name, then are you OK with your

children using the phrase? I sure don’t want my child saying,

“Dad, there’s that bad-ass coffee

place!” or, “Do you like this bad-ass

picture that I drew for you?” or, “Hey, Jimmy, do you want to play at

my bad-ass house?” You probably don’t either.

If you don’t want your children saying it, then why do

you want them reading it? Come on, people. If you stand for family

and community, then you know better. And don’t tell me how

many times one of the words is used in the Bible. You don’t find

the phrase “bad ass” in the Bible. And don’t give me Webster’s

definition for one of the words. When you put the words together it’s

a double entendre, and it is in poor taste.

Thank you Anita, for reminding us what family and

community are all about.

Tim Pearson

North Bend