Newspaper has priorities twisted

Letter to the Editor.

My grandson graduated from boot camp on the 17th of June. On Monday, the 28th of June, I took his military picture and an announcement to the Valley Record office before noon to have it put in his local paper.

I was told that they don’t put them in one at a time and that they had another one and it would probably be in the next week’s paper now that they had two young men’s announcements. So at this time we have now waited three weeks and no announcement of Christopher’s military graduation has appeared. He leaves this Tuesday and if the paper were to put the announcement in now, he will have gone back to serve for the country before you even got a chance to acknowledge him. (Editor’s note: the announcement did appear in the July 21 edition of the Valley Record.)

At a time like we are experiencing with the war and all, the one thing that a person would expect from its local paper is the acknowledgment of the young men willing to serve for all of our freedom. But, I would guess that a 4-foot easement to sell a restaurant is by far more important that that of many local young men serving in the military.

Shame on you for ignoring the short amount of time they have at home!

Good luck Christopher Turple, your family and friends think you are important.

Dot Brock