News from the world of Bean and the Valley.

A look at the worlds through the eyes of a 10-year-old girl.

Last week’s Beanie Baby was the end bear because we are very sad

that they are retiring the Beanies and it’s black. I didn’t get any letters.

This week’s clues are people like to eat me on a holiday. Also, my

feathers are beautiful.

Thanks to Mrs. Parkinson for the wonderful letter.

This weekend at my grandma’s house I learned to make a pillow

and use the sewing machine.

My dad and I had a bet that whoever could take a shower, get

dressed and do all the stuff that you need to do to get ready in the morning the

fastest would win. We did it on Monday morning and I won. We were

very close. He forgot to put on his shoes and he climbed over the couch to

sit down. We got ready in seven minutes.