New resident’s opinion

Letter to the Editor

As a resident of Snoqualmie, I am one of the many who do not want

to see the Falls Crossing development disturb the beauty and sanctity

of Snoqualmie Falls. Unfortunately, not wanting the development isn’t a

legal reason to say no, and that is what the planning commission was faced

with, making a legal decision. While I agree with Laurie Baker’s demand for

answers and chance to participate in the future plans for our town, I

disagree with her desire to ignore the opinions and voices of those who happen to

live up on the Ridge.

My husband and I moved out here from Bellevue to enjoy the rivers,

the trees, and the slower pace of life. We want our children to grow up in

a smaller town and be able to play out in friendly neighborhoods. I guess

that any children of mine shouldn’t tell anyone they live on the Ridge.

As a homeowner on the Ridge, I did not vote this development,

(the Ridge), into existence, nor am I pushing to have a mall built down the

hill. There is already a mall down the hill. It’s called Issaquah. If I had wanted

to live there I would have. The neighbors I am familiar with moved

to Snoqualmie to get away from the problems associated with larger

cities, not to create a new one. Many of them work in the Valley and surprisingly;

I haven’t come across any that work for Puget Western. We may live on

the Ridge, but we call Snoqualmie home, if we didn’t care about the area

we wouldn’t live here. I think that many residents of Snoqualmie who live

up on the Ridge would join Laurie Baker in saying no to Falls Crossing, but

I guess she doesn’t want to hear that. That’s okay because fortunately,

every voice and vote counts no matter where you live in Snoqualmie

and there are those of us who would like to be heard.

Karen Laub