New parking lot could be a boondoggle

Letter to the editor.

My husband and I were curious to know if we were the only North Benders who have noticed what a boondoggle the new Little Mount Si parking lot on the Mount Si Road has become.

“They’ve” been building the lot for approximately eight months with heavy equipment parked there for days with no visible activity. We’ve seen as many as nine workers standing on the lot. It’s asphalted, has two locked gates, has an outhouse and now they’re planting shrubs from a nursery!

What is the price tag for this luxurious, overengineered, county, hiking parking lot that will accommodate 25 cars?

Oh, to top it off, we witnessed a “worker” on two consecutive days driving heavy equipment from downtown to the new lot … obviously returning from his lunch break at 1:45 in a county vehicle. Who’s in charge of this fiasco?

Laura Smart

North Bend