Mayor defends Commission

Letter to the Editor.

While I usually don’t respond to Letters to the Editor, I felt I could

not let the letter from Laurie Baker on the Planning Commission’s action on

the Falls Crossing Development go unanswered.

While we all may have a different opinion of Falls Crossing, some

say “okay” and some say “no way”, I

fully support the Planning Commission. This Mixed _ Use Application is

a Quasi _ Judicial issue, not Legislative. The Planning Commission has

fully complied with the laws and procedures required of them. I appreciate the

Planning Commission’s hard work _ all the extra meetings, the time spent

away from their families, and the dedication that they have put into this

project, without compensation.

This issue must be approved or denied on the facts presented to

the Planning Commission. This issue cannot be decided on emotion, or

“what happened in Issaquah or Redmond”.

The Planning Commission is a Volunteer Board made up of a mix

of citizens and businesspersons. They are involved in the future of our City

by volunteering to serve their community, and put in many hours doing just

that. They must be knowledgeable. They must know the Comprehensive

Plan and many other regulations, laws, policies and procedures.

Ms. Baker’s letter goes on to say; “we deserve to have a say in the

future of this town”. There have been numerous opportunities for

public comment, including public meetings, public hearings and written

comment. The Planning Commission meetings are open public meetings. The

planning Commission is made up of citizens of Snoqualmie, people who

have a vested interest in the future of the City. In addition, the City has

several other Boards, Commissions and Committees made up of citizen

volunteers. These Boards, Commissions and Committees make

recommendations to the City Council, on several

different topics or issues.

Ms. Baker, please feel free to contact me at my office (425)

888-5307 about which group you would like to volunteer your time with and I will

do my best to accommodate your request.

Fuzzy Fletcher

Mayor of Snoqualmie