Looking for a place to store plastic grocery bags? Red on

A look at Snoqualmie life through the eyes of a local.

Do you ever feel like birds and animals see things we don’t see?

Right now I have a flock of crows hanging around outside the office, yet I

don’t see anything edible on the ground they would be interested in. They never

eat my birdseed. Mr. Stellar Jay was not happy that the crows intimidated

him to the point he had to look for his food elsewhere.


At group training, I found a girl that walks my pace, and we

usually end up walking together. I’m trying to learn her method of not

looking ahead on the training schedule. I have it memorized all the way through

December, where as she never looks more than one day ahead and

forbids me to talk about the upcoming training.

Saturday the 6th is a nine-mile walk, then we go to 10 miles,

then soon 12 miles. The 12 miles is Thanksgiving weekend.

I haven’t met my honor patient Don yet but hope to soon.

Between the fund raising and the training, it’s hard to fit much else

in. Sparky does not like my new schedule at all, especially since on top

of everything else, I also have a boyfriend who lives in Duvall. Sparky

believes in making me feel guilty. So when I come home after a couple of days

in Duvall, he puts on a very sad face for me. To top it off, Brian has two

dogs so Sparky feels like I have become the ultimate traitor!


Dear little Lucy has just turned 6 years old. To describe her

personality would be impossible because she has been bestowed with so much

personality. She helped me with my bake sale and was quite the good

salesperson. She announced she was going to try one of each treat but as hard as it is,

I had to put my foot down with that idea. Happy birthday Lucy. I’m so

glad you’re my friend!


Corny joke of the week: What did the snake give his girlfriend on

their first date? A goodnight hiss!


I used to always like it when daylight savings time ended because

then it was OK to stay inside in the evening curled up with a good book or

embroidery project. But then I got in the habit of doing my walking after work

because it was lighter then, so now I have had to resort to early mornings

again. Remember when daylight savings ends, we are also supposed to

check the batteries in our smoke detectors. Have you checked yours yet?


Here’s a toasty treat for a cold winter morning: Spiced pumpkin

nut bread. Mix 4-c. flour, 1-tbsp. pumpkin pie spice, 2-tsp.baking powder,

1-tsp. baking soda and 3/4-tsp. salt in medium bowl. Mix 1 15-oz.

can pumpkin, 2-c.packed brown sugar, 1- c. apple juice, 4 large eggs, 1/- c.

vegetable oil and 2-tsp. vanilla extract in large bowl and mix well. Stir in

the flour mixture and 1/2-c. chopped nuts until moistened. Spoon into two 9 x

5 inch greased loaf pans. Sprinkle with another 1/2 c. chopped nuts over

top of loaves. Bake at 350 for 60 to 70 minutes or until toothpick comes

out of the center clean. Cool loaves in the pan for 10 minutes then remove

to wire rack to cool completely.


Looking for a place to store plastic grocery bags? Try using an

empty tissue box. They’re easy to pull out when you need one.


“Happy is the house that shelters a friend.”


Next time you need a phone number, get on the Web

site www.switchboard.com. Type in a last name, state and city (or just a

last name) and the switchboard will find phone numbers and e-mail

addresses. You can even post missing-persons notices to find a long-lost friend.


I cannot thank everyone enough for being so supportive of my

fund-raising efforts. Between the Snoqualmie Fire Deptartment

letting me have a car wash at their station, the Valley Record article and car

wash ad, and all the people that have been donating time and money –

everything is much appreciated. It somehow makes the marathon less

daunting knowing there is support out there to help people with leukemia.

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