Liz’s Playhouse earns compliments

Letter to the Editor

I started observing from afar. Then I observed up close. I was impressed.

I have always disliked having to find daycare for my children. I

never thought I’d work in daycare. After doing so, I felt compelled to

write about this particular one.

I’m impressed. I’ve never seen a daycare that shows the love of the

children like this daycare.

I like the projects that are available to the children. There is so much

for them to chose from. There are structure times during the day for

preschool activities, as well as dance for the


Working parents don’t have time to run their children to dance class

after a hard day at work. Liz’s Playhouse has dance available right there at

night. The parent doesn’t have to do or go anywhere extra for this. During

the summer, jazz was even taught to the older children. Not only were

there preschool activities and dance, there were Spanish lessons for all

age groups. All of these activities will be a continuing thing.

I’ve learned of even more pluses to add to this list. A Halloween

party every year, presents for Christmas, last year the kids got a T-shirt and this

year they are getting lunch bags with their picture on them. Not for

Christmas, but just because.

I see the support from the parents here and I know they believe

Liz’s Playhouse is the place for them. Why do I like Liz’s Playhouse? Just


Tami Cecil

North Bend